Available Dogs

If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Palm is a 3 year old male who was surrendered to the shelter because his owners were working long hours and could no longer care for him. He is a very sweet and affectionate boy and would do best in an experienced German Shepherd home. Palm does okay with some dogs. We do not know how he would do with kids He has never been around cats. He rides very nicely in the car. He will need to continue his obedience classes and would benefit from a nosework class. The staff at Bark University .have only had great things to say about this boy!!

Shadow W is a 2 year old, black and red, GSD. He is an active, affectionate, confident, easy-going, friendly, happy, intelligent, loving, playful and sociable dog. Shadow’s ideal home will have several dog friendly dogs.

Hercules A. was surrendered to the shelter because his owner could not afford to treat him for demodex mange. He has made a full recovery and is now looking for his forever home. Hercules turned a year old in February 2017. He is looking for an experienced German Shepherd home, preferably one familiar with working lines. Hercules is extremely intelligent. He knows sit, down, heel, come, stay, speak, wait, and place on command. Hercules does not like to be crated but does well free in the house. He loves to tug, play fetch, swim, chew on a bone, and go for walks. He is great with other dogs. Hercules needs daily excercise to keep him happy. He is fostered with a cat and does okay but would do best with a very dog savvy cat or none at all. Hercules was around children in his previous home, however we would not recommend children in his forever home. He is extremely loving and protective of his person. Hercules is a beautiful boy that will thrive in an active home.

Apollo M needs a new home since work, school and a year old baby means he doesn’t get the attention and exercise he needs. He is a very active, affectionate, demanding, friendly, happy, smart, playful and sociable dog.

Chica is a 3 year old female that was found in an alley in Chicago. She was brought into the shelter but her owners never reclaimed her. She is a very sweet, friendly girl. Chica is not used to other dogs and would do best as an only pet. Chica knows the basics and would benefit from continued training. She is not used to crate but is learning it's a good thing! Chica doesn't like to be left alone for long hours, so her ideal home is one with owners that are home often.

Wren came to Paws Rescue Qatar after she was found outside of one of the schools running on the road with another dog. Some concerned parents grabbed both dogs and contacted Paws Rescue Qatar for help. They were taken to the vet for a check up, and Paws took them on, as the people that rescued them had nowhere for them to go, and could not keep them in boarding indefinitely. We advertised them as found but no one came forward to claim them. Wren is high energy, and needs space to run. She is friendly towards people and male and female dogs and loves to play! She needs some basic obedience training. She is very sweet an affectionate and would make a lovely companion for an active owner or family.

22 month old Reggae was surrendered to the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. Reggae did not live with other animals or children in his previous home. He seems to do well so far with other dogs. Reggae is a big, strong boy that will require an experienced adoptive home. Reggae is being fostered by two dog trainers so he can learn how to be a well mannered boy! He is very sweet and playful. His favorite game is tug of war. Reggae is not used to a crate but is housebroken. He is very intelligent and has a ton of potential.

3 year old Chollie ended up at the shelter because sadly his owner passed away. He is a very well behaved, sweet boy. Chollie is said to be good with other dogs and all people. He walks nicely on leash and knows several commands including sit, down, come, and heel. Chollie is crate trained. He loves toys and playing fetch.

4 year old Miso was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control when his owner was moving and couldn't take him with. He is a very sweet, friendly boy! Miso is good with other dogs and lived with a 3 pound chihuahua. He is not used to a crate but is housebroken. Miso has never been around cats. His previous owner did not state how he is with children but we imagine he'd do well. Miso rides great in the car and knows some basic commands.

Midnight was found tied to a tree in Chicago. A caring police officer took him to the shelter, but his owners never came for him. Midnight is a very friendly, happy boy. We estimate him to be around 2-3 years old. Midnight seems to do ok with other dogs but we don't know about cats.

Lynda is approximately 4 years old and came to us all the way from Qatar. She is a friendly, sweet girl that is good with all people. Lynda is good with other dogs.