Available Dogs

If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home! Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. Roman hasn’t been tested with other animals. We’d recommend a home with older children. He walks well on leash and is very food motivated. Roman rides nicely in the car so far does well in a crate. He is a regal boy that deserves a loving home in his golden years

Chica is a 3 year old female that was found in an alley in Chicago. She was brought into the shelter but her owners never reclaimed her. She is a very sweet, friendly girl. Chica is not used to other dogs and would do best as an only pet. Chica knows the basics and would benefit from continued training. She is not used to crate but is learning it's a good thing! Chica doesn't like to be left alone for long hours, so her ideal home is one with owners that are home often.

Midnight was found tied to a tree in Chicago. A caring police officer took him to the shelter, but his owners never came for him. Midnight is a very friendly, happy boy. We estimate him to be around 2-3 years old. Midnight seems to do ok with other dogs but we don't know about cats.

Laci was born January 3, 2017 and is an active, affectionate, intelligent and playful pup. She is a messy drinker and fears the vacuum. Laci walks very nicely on leash and enjoys car rides. She is ready for positive training classes and is very food motivated.

Sebastian Q joined GSR from Doha, Qatar! He is almost 2 and is happy and full of energy! Sebastian Q's tail never stops wagging and he loves to cuddle with his people. He is getting used to the resident cats and has mastered the stairs, which were totally new to him. Sebastian Q would benefit from some positive training classes, though he already walks nicely on a leash! He lived with dogs back in Doha, but a slow introduction is recommended with other canine companions.

Hercules T. is an 11 month old male who joined GSR on October 14, 2017. His foster dad is currently working with him on confidence building, including introductions to new people and house manners. He has completed basic obedience training however he will need to continue in a formalized class, possibly nosework, to help build his confidence. He is fine with most dogs. We currently do not know how he is with kids and cats. We hope to have more information in the near future.

Lita is an energetic, very sweet, 8 year old dog who has spent her entire life alone outside. She is doing well in her new foster home.

Prince S is a 9 year old black male GSD that was rescued from a very neglectful situation. He had been living outdoors with a female shepherd. He was very emaciated and suffering from flea allergies and a skin infection which resulted in some fur loss. The volunteers that rescued him have been giving him medicated baths and his skin is much improved. His fur is growing in nicely now, too. They have also been giving him extra “groceries” to help build his body weight. Prince is a super sweet boy that loves attention from people. He did very well when introduced to a male dog and overall doesn't seem bothered by any dogs. He is a very laid back boy.

Max S is a 2 year old male who loves people. He is a very sweet boy who was found roaming in a rural part if IL. He loves working for treats and knows how to sit and down. He will need to attend positive dog training classes to improve his leash walking skills and continue his socialization. He was introduced to a smaller female dog and did fine with her. We have not introduced him to any other dogs. Max would do great in an adult home with no cats.

Sam (black and tan) and Saddie (mostly black) were surrendered because their owner realized they didn’t have enough time to care for them. Sam is just a year old and Saddie is 3. Both dogs are bonded to one another. They attended doggie daycare regularly and did very well. Sam is very playful and outgoing. Saddie is a bit more shy but she warms up quickly. They are both kid friendly. Neither dog has been around cats. Both Sam and Saddie would benefit from positive training classes in their new home.

Tin Tin is a 6 year old male who's special person can no longer care for him. He needs an experienced German shepherd, adult only, home without dogs or cats. He was never properly socialized in his former home. He is currently being socialized and trained by our friends at Bark University and he is doing very well. He is now ready to move on to a foster / permanent home. Please complete an application if you are interested in helping Tin tin.

5-month old Olivia, a lovely German Shepherd/Saluki cross, joined GSR all the way from Doha, Qatar! She is great with people of all ages and dogs of all sizes. She is a sweet puppy who loves to play with her people and other dogs. We do not know how she would be with cats.