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If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home! Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. He is good on leash, rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained. Roman is selective with other dogs. He is ok with calm, submissive dogs but wouldn’t mind a home where he was the only dog to be spoiled. He was great meeting a cat used to large dogs. Roman has a great personality and still has his bursts of energy, but mostly just wants to relax with his person. He is an amazing boy that deserves a loving home in his golden years!

Vianne was brought into Chicago Animal Control as a stray with another dog believed to be her daughter. Her daughter was adopted at the shelter but Vianne never made it to the adoption floor. GSR met Vianne and knew we had to help her! She is about 7 years old and is very sweet. Vianne is calm and easy going. She tested well with other dogs at the shelter. We think she’d probably be fine with cats. Vianne is a smaller shepherd weighing 50 lbs. When we rescued her she had 2 mammory tumors and seemed to have been bred multiple times. Vianne is hoping to leave those days behind and find a loving family that will treasure her!

Gypsy B. was surrendered to GSR because her owners were moving to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs. Gypsy is 3 years old and 47 pounds. Her owners who had her since she was 4 months old described her as active, friendly, gentle, happy, loving, playful, and protective. Gypsy is great with other dogs, even dogs that rushed up to meet her at the vet! She has never been around cats. Gypsy walks nicely on leash and rides well in a car. She lived with 2 children ages 7 and 16. Gypsy is not used to a crate but has great house manners.

Sacha and Lyka are a beautiful, bonded pair of gorgeous females who are seeking their next home together in the Chicago area! Sacha is 4 and Lyka is 7. These two may just be simply the sweetest, most affectionate pair we've ever met. They love to lay on the couch, lay on the bed, be with you wherever you are. They don't demand attention, they just want to hang out and be loved. They came to us from Doha, Qatar, where their owner kept them on his roof. He cared for them the best he could, and when he realized it wasn't enough, he called a local Doha rescue for help. That rescue reached out to us and sent them to us here. Sacha is house trained and Lyka is working on her skills. Like most GSDs a slow introduction to other dogs is key and we would recommend a home with a laid back male dog or no other dogs. They are currently living with a nice male GSD and have also done well with small dogs they've met. We do not know how they would be with cats, but they are so laid back, dog savvy cats might be ok. They have already experienced Home Depot and PetSmart and handled it like pros! These two aren't the most active dogs you've ever met, but the do like having their people around, so a family who is home a lot would be best.

Puppy came to GSR from Vermillion County Shelter after being dumped by his owners when they purchased a new puppy. This beautiful boy was born February 28, 2011 and weighs 86 lbs. He lived previously with children and loved them! Puppy is a big, sweet boy great with all people. He is strong on leash and would benefit from positive training classes. Puppy has excellent house manners and can be trusted to roam free. He is great riding in the car. Puppy lived with other large dogs previously. He is not good with small dogs or cats. Puppy is a “talker” and has really blossomed in his foster home. He has an all around wonderful temperament and will make a great addition to a lucky family.

2 year old Riley was dumped at Chicago Animal Control when her owners claimed they had too many dogs. We were told Riley lived with other dogs, cats, and children as young as 4. Since coming to GSR, we found that Riley is nervous with new people. She was evaluated by our friends at K9 University. Riley did well with different handlers and in group play with other dogs. She enjoyed time on the treadmill and going for walks with her trainer. Riley is an active girl but not high energy. She enjoys playing fetch and squeaky toys. Riley is very food motivated which makes her easy to train. She knows a few basic commands and has good house manners. Riley’s adoptive family will need to be understanding that she needs slow introductions to strangers and continued training. Once Riley trusts you, she is very loving and affectionate. Riley will not be placed with small children or another female dog.

Max T. is a stunning red and black boy who was found as a stray in Chicago. He ended up at the city shelter after escaping from his unsecured yard 3 different times. GSR was finally able to rescue him and now he is looking for a forever home! Max is about 4 years old. He is a big, strong boy weighing in at 90 lbs. Max rides nicely in the car. He has been friendly with everyone he's met. We don't recommend a family with small children due to his size and energy. Max would benefit from positive training classes so he can work on his leash manners. He was good meeting dogs of different sizes at the vet office. Max knows sit and how to give paw. He is affectionate and bonds quickly to his person. Max enjoys chasing tennis balls and toys though he doesn’t always bring them back. He will require a home with a secure, fenced yard. Max is an all around great dog that will be a wonderful companion to a deserving family.

Rocco B needs a new home since a daughter has asthma. Rocco is a very large dog who loves people, children, dogs and cats. He is 7 years old and walks nicely on leash and loves car rides. He is affectionate, confident, easy-going, friendly, gentle, happy, mannerly, obedient, independent and quiet. He is not used to a crate His favorite toys are squeaky ones.

Lola M is a friendly, young, female , sable colored GSD in need of a loving home. She is an active and attentive dog who wants to please. She loves to play with toys and would benefit from positive training classes. She has been around kids and dogs.