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If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home! Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. He is good on leash, rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained. Roman is selective with other dogs. He is ok with calm, submissive dogs but wouldn’t mind a home where he was the only dog to be spoiled. He was great meeting a cat used to large dogs. Roman has a great personality and still has his bursts of energy, but mostly just wants to relax with his person. He is an amazing boy that deserves a loving home in his golden years!

Chica is a 3 year old female that was found in an alley in Chicago. She was brought into the shelter but her owners never reclaimed her. She is a very sweet, friendly girl. Chica is not used to other dogs and would do best as an only pet. Chica knows the basics and would benefit from continued training. She is not used to crate but is learning it's a good thing! Chica doesn't like to be left alone for long hours, so her ideal home is one with owners that are home often.

Midnight was found tied to a tree in Chicago. A caring police officer took him to the shelter, but his owners never came for him. Midnight is a very friendly, happy boy. We estimate him to be around 2-3 years old. Midnight seems to do ok with other dogs but we don't know about cats.

Hercules T. is an 11 month old male who joined GSR on October 14, 2017. His foster dad is currently working with him on confidence building, including introductions to new people and house manners. He has completed basic obedience training however he will need to continue in a formalized class, possibly nosework, to help build his confidence. He is fine with most dogs. We currently do not know how he is with kids and cats. We hope to have more information in the near future.

Max S is a 2 year old male who loves people. He is a very sweet boy who was found roaming in a rural part if IL. He loves working for treats and knows how to sit and down. He will need to attend positive dog training classes to improve his leash walking skills and continue his socialization. He was introduced to a smaller female dog and did fine with her. We have not introduced him to any other dogs. Max would do great in an adult home with no cats.

Tempest and Foxfire are a bonded pair who may need a new home together due to their special person’s ill health. Foxfire is a black and silver female from a shelter 5 years ago. Her exact age is unknown. She is fine with cats, dogs and all people. She loves squeaky toys and balls. Foxfire is an affectionate, confident, easy-going, friendly, gentle, happy, sociable and obedient dog. She walks nicely on leash and enjoys car rides. Tempest is a black and tan male , also from a shelter and is about six years old. He is fine with cats; likes car rides and walks well on leash. He is an active, easy-going, friendly, gentle, happy, smart, mannerly, obedient, quiet, sensitive and submissive dog. He is obedience trained and AKC Pal registered. He could be shown in obedience, herding, tracking etc. He is not used to children. Both dogs are on grain free and chicken free food.

Petey is about 2 years old and his special person moved and left him behind. He walks nicely on leash but is a very shy dog. He needs an experienced home to bring him out of his shell. After a slow introduction he is fine with new people. Petey is a 2 year old German Shepherd surrendered to a local kill shelter when his owners could no longer care for him. German Shepherd Rescue pulled him to safety and he was taken right to our vet. He was very scared and clearly devastated about losing his owner. He went to his foster home but 3 days later ended up back at the vet because he was lethargic and not eating. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and returned to his foster. Petey tried to fight but ended up in the emergency room. Petey was hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia. 2 days later he was discharged, and returned to his foster home. Petey seemed to be doing ok, but he relapsed and ended up back in the hospital. After two days again in the hospital Petey was discharged and has been recovering at home. Each day we are seeing improvement in his appetite and his energy thankfully but financially our rescue has taken a hit. Petey’s medical bills have totaled nearly $5,000.

Cookie A. is a 9 month old girl who was surrendered to Aurora Animal Control. She is very sweet; a little timid with men, but warms up quickly. Cookie is great with other dogs and lived with another German Shepherd. She has never been around cats. She walks nicely on leash, does well riding in the car, and knows some basic commands. Cookie lived with children in her previous home and loves them! She can get overly excited playing so we recommend a home with older children. Cookie requires a home that will take her to positive reinforcement training to help her gain confidence.

month old Storm C. was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control because her owners didn’t have enough time to care for her. She is a bit shy at first, but she warms up nicely to new people. She is affectionate and loving. Storm lived with a shitzu and likes other dogs. She knows sit on command but has had no formal training. Storm lived with children ages 9 and 12. She is crate trained and rides nicely in a car.

Captiva was found abandoned in a yard with no access to shelter, food or water by the Chicago police department. He was brought to Chicago Animal Control but his owners were never identified. Due to the conditions he was found in, he was considered a cruelty case and became a part of Safe Humane Chicago. Through Safe Humane, Captiva will receive life time behavioral and training support. Captiva is about a year old. He is a tall, handsome boy that is still learning about the world around him. Captiva is reactive to new people and dogs he doesn’t know and uses his big bark when he is nervous. At the shelter he was able to be handled by different people once properly introduced. He participated in playgroup and a few training classes. Captiva is very happy and playful with people that he knows. He is extremely food motivated and intelligent. He knows sit on command and is crate trained. Captiva will need a German Shepherd experienced adopter that will be committed to training and socializing him. He will not be placed in a home with children.

Vianne was brought into Chicago Animal Control as a stray with another dog believed to be her daughter. Her daughter was adopted at the shelter but Vianne never made it to the adoption floor. GSR met Vianne and knew we had to help her! She is about 7 years old and is very sweet. Vianne is calm and easy going. She tested well with other dogs at the shelter. We think she’d probably be fine with cats. Vianne is a smaller shepherd weighing 50 lbs. When we rescued her she had 2 mammory tumors and seemed to have been bred multiple times. Vianne is hoping to leave those days behind and find a loving family that will treasure her!

Gypsy B. was surrendered to GSR because her owners were moving to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs. Gypsy is 3 years old and 47 pounds. Her owners who had her since she was 4 months old described her as active, friendly, gentle, happy, loving, playful, and protective. Gypsy is great with other dogs, even dogs that rushed up to meet her at the vet! She has never been around cats. Gypsy walks nicely on leash and rides well in a car. She lived with 2 children ages 7 and 16. Gypsy is not used to a crate but has great house manners.

Boomer was brought to Chicago Animal Control when his owner died and there was no family to take care of him. He is a friendly, sweet boy that is estimated to be about 4 years old. He lived previously with cats and gets along well with other dogs. Boomer is strong on lead and would benefit from obedience training. He loves to go on car rides and will jump right into a car!

Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home! Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. Roman is estimated to be about 10 years old. He loves to play fetch and enjoys romping around in the yard. Roman has a big personality! He is confident and happy. Roman loves stuffed toys and can spend hours entertaining himself. He really prefers the company of his people and doesn’t want any canine friends in his forever home. Roman tested great with a cat used to large dogs. He is hoping to find a forever home that will spoil him during his golden years and treat him like the king that he is!