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If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home! Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. He is good on leash, rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained. Roman is selective with other dogs. He is ok with calm, submissive dogs but wouldn’t mind a home where he was the only dog to be spoiled. He was great meeting a cat used to large dogs. Roman has a great personality and still has his bursts of energy, but mostly just wants to relax with his person. He is an amazing boy that deserves a loving home in his golden years!

2 year old Riley was dumped at Chicago Animal Control when her owners claimed they had too many dogs. We were told Riley lived with other dogs, cats, and children as young as 4. Since coming to GSR, we found that Riley is nervous with new people. She was evaluated by our friends at K9 University. Riley did well with different handlers and in group play with other dogs. She enjoyed time on the treadmill and going for walks with her trainer. Riley is an active girl but not high energy. She enjoys playing fetch and squeaky toys. Riley is very food motivated which makes her easy to train. She knows a few basic commands and has good house manners. Riley’s adoptive family will need to be understanding that she needs slow introductions to strangers and continued training. Once Riley trusts you, she is very loving and affectionate. Riley will not be placed with small children or another female dog.

Marigold was brought to animal control when she was found as a stray. Her owners never reclaimed her and we brought her into rescue. Marigold is a gorgeous sable colored girl estimated to be about 3 years old. She is social and sweet with people. We haven’t tested her with other dogs but she was fine around them at the shelter. Marigold rides nicely in the car and is crate trained. She had an injury to her back leg and is now recovering in foster care.

***Will be available after heartworm treatment is complete in November*** Larry was found as a stray and brought to Kendall County Animal Control by local police. He was found to have a microchip but his owner never reclaimed hm. Larry is about two years old, and sadly tested positive for advanced heart worm. He is in foster care while he undergoes treatment. Larry has an amazing “happy go lucky” personality! He is strikingly tall and handsome. Larry loves to go for walks and would love an active home after he finishes treatment. He is great with other dogs and is good with dog savvy cats. Larry is very social and is great with children. He is crate trained and knows basic commands. Larry loves to fetch and enjoys playing with squeaky toys.

Whitey was surrendered to a shelter in Southern IL with no reason given. We can’t understand how someone could give up such a great dog. Whitey is about 9 years old and a big boy weighing in at 100 lbs. He is great with dogs of all sizes. Whitey hasn’t been cat tested but we think he’d be fine. He has a calm, easy going demeanor. Whitey walks nicely on leash, rides great in the car, and is crate trained. He would do best in a home with older children. Whitey is an all around wonderful dog that deserves a home that will treasure him!

Molly M. is sadly being returned to GSR because her adopter is unable to care for her anymore. She is a friendly, active dog estimated to be 4 years old. Molly attends doggie daycare and is good with dogs of all sizes. She loves to play fetch and go for car rides! She knows several basic commands and would benefit from positive training classes. Molly loves to go for walks and is strong on lead. She has never met a stranger and loves children. Molly does have Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which requires special enzymes on her food. She has been in stable health for 3 years with no complications.

Bambina was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control because her owners were moving and couldn’t take her with. She is 3 years old and very friendly! Bambina lived previously with children, dogs, and cats. She is a happy girl that loves to play with tennis balls. Bambina knows basic commands and is crate trained. She has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency which requires enzymes with her food.

Topanga was found as a stray in Chicago but was never reclaimed by her family. We rescued her from Chicago Animal Control and now she’s looking for a forever home! She is a very friendly, sweet girl with all people. Topanga is a little nervous meeting new dogs but does well with proper introductions. Currently, she is being fostered with a male German Shepherd. She is 60 pounds and we believe she’s 5 years old. Topanga hasn’t been tested with cats or small dogs. We think she’d do well with children 10 and older.

Ayla was found as a stray in Chicago by a caring citizen who brought her to Chicago Animal Control. She was found with an injury to her head and X-rays revealed her skull was fractured. She is now in a foster home and doing great! Ayla is estimated to be about 12 month old. She is a sweet, friendly girl that loves to play with soccer balls! Ayla gets along well with other dogs and is being fostered with two male German Shepherds. She is very smart and food motivated. Ayla’s foster mom is teaching her basic commands and working on crate training. We are unsure how she is with cats or younger children.

Boss was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control when his owner could no longer care for him. He’s 4 years old and about 75 pounds. Boss lived with small and large dogs in his previous home. He has not been exposed to cats. Boss has never lived with children but his owner reported he was good with them. He is a friendly guy and we’re still getting to know him as he settles into his foster home.

Cash W. is a striking white shepherd surrendered to animal control because his owner no longer could care for him. He is 5 years old and weighs 80 pounds. Cash lived with large and small dogs, but hasn’t been around cats. He is a friendly boy and his owner stated he was good with children, but never lived with any. Cash will need an adopter willing to take him to positive training classes.

Four year old ,April H, loves to play fetch, go for walks and search for her favorite, blue Kong toy. She is quick, smart and loves companionship. Her special person is moving to a place where dogs are not allowed. April also likes car rides, belly rubs and walks nicely on leash. 9, 10 and 11 year old children come to visit. She is fine with most dogs but doesn’t like thunder, fireworks or cats.

Sweet Sheba V. is an 8-year old female from downstate IL. Sheba was found a stray and had a family that never reclaimed her from animal control. She was incredibly thin when she came to GSR and has been putting on weight in foster care. Her foster mom believes Sheba might be part unicorn since she is people, dog and cat friendly but will bark if someone comes to the door. Sheba is super smart and gorgeous to boot. Sheba is currently living with a senior male dog and would do best with a similar-sized playmate. She is incredibly affectionate, housetrained, knows commands, rides well in a car and walks wonderfully on a leash. She does not like to be crated and has full run-of-the-house when she is home alone. Sheba is food motivated and a quick learner. She enjoys playing with squeaky toys or any sized ball. Her foster family cannot say enough good things about her. Sheba would do best in a home with a family that is not gone all day.

Boss is a well-behaved, loving, protective, 75-lb, 4-yr old male Shepherd. He is house-trained and great around children ages 9 and older - we do not know what he is like with younger kids. Boss was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control when his family could no longer care for him. He previously lived with a Maltese and a German Shepherd. Boss is not good with cats. He is very friendly towards new people - he was a Boss with a huge Thanksgiving crowd! Right now, he needs a family with someone home frequently as he’s experiencing some separation anxiety from all the changes. His foster mom suspects he will be better at being left alone as he gets more comfortable in his forever home. He is not a fan of his crate, but has been able to be left alone a few hours without issue. He yearns to play with other dogs, but because of his humongous size, he often intimidates other dogs because of his playful, over-excitement. Boss's future owner(s) will definitely need to be able to work on socializing him and behaving politely with other dogs - with great power comes great responsibility! When at home, nothing seems to bother Boss. He is calm around loud sounds such as the vacuum, large groups, and general chaos. We see great potential in him: he is very trainable, in two weeks his foster family taught him to 'sit' and 'lay down.' A great future home for Boss would have a fenced yard and a family willing to take Boss to training classes.