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If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Aurora came to GSR very sick and emaciated from Chicago Animal Control. She was found as a stray (but her indoor manners do NOT reflect a lifetime on the streets) on the South Side of Chicago. Upon rescue, she was very emaciated (only 45 pounds), had pneumonia, ear infections, two small mammary tumors and teeth that needed removal. Aurora is estimated to be 7 years old and now weighs 70 pounds! Aurora is not only gorgeous, but she's a sweetheart too. She has an excellent adult energy- she loves walks and toys, but she also appreciates a good nap! Her house manners are excellent. No accidents, no countersurfing, no separation anxiety, no chewing. Just some occasional garbage investigating. Most of the time she is happy resting on the floor watching the action. She even sits at the door to wait for her collar to be put on before going out for a walk. And she'll wait to eat with a "wait" command. She is crate trained, and she walks gently on a leash, though she could use some reminders not to dart when she sees a squirrel. She could use extra training to learn that things like doorbells and visiting neighbors are not a bark-worthy event, but for the most part, she's quiet in the house. She enjoys car rides and the company of her family. She knows basic commands and is receptive to training. Aurora is currently fostered without any other pets. With her interest in rabbits and squirrels, a cat or other small pet may not be a good fit. She is currently an only dog, so other dogs are likely case-by-case depending on temperament and personality as she does bark at other dogs passing by. She has interacted with older children (teens), but not yet with little children. Ideally she’d be in an adult only home. Aurora would prefer a home where she has access to daily walks and a back yard where she can squirrel hunt. She needs work on new people coming into the home. She is very close with her family but can view strangers as imposing. Introduction to new members of the family should be done carefully and intentionally. With her family, she is as gentle as a teddy bear (her nickname is "Honey-Bear"), but with new people, she can be a little bit more weary and bark at them. Our friends at Roc Solid Obedience met her said she has a lot of potential in overcoming what appears to be more of an anxious reaction as opposed to aggressive behavior. Her foster mom thinks she would benefit from a confident owner who can lead Aurora in her training. She tolerates stairs, but would do best in a home where multiple flights are not necessary on a regular basis. Now that Aurora is finally feeling better, she's really finding her voice and asking for a loving home to call her own!

Penny is an amazing 12 month old female GSD found as a stray in Chicago. She is housebroken and crate trained. She does bark in her crate for a few minutes, but eventually settles down. Penny loves all people and is good with other large dogs. She is energetic and she would do best with a younger male companion since she loves to play! Penny loves to run and play fetch, so a fenced yard is ideal in her forever home. She does sleep out of her crate at night and has not been destructive or have any accidents. Penny would benefit from someone willing to continue with her training. She is a smart girl and loves to learn! Penny does know sit, down, and both paws. She does need more work walking on leash. Cats and small children are unknown.

Oso 20 was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control when his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. This big guy weighs 102 pounds and is said to be 7 years old, though we think he’s younger. Oso is the happiest boy we’ve ever met! He is good with other dogs and even tries to play with the kitty in his foster home. A home that would best suit him would be with children over 10, just because he’s such a big guy that doesn’t always know his size. Oso is very food motivated and listens very well to his foster parents. His favorite thing to do is play with toys, toys, and more toys! He loves to be close to his people, hang out on the sofa, chew bones, and empty the toy basket! Oso walks well on leash, knows a few basic commands, and is crate trained. He is a goofy, fun boy that will be an awesome addition to any family.

This is Baby Hemi, a 7-month-old female GSD. Baby is a sweet and happy pup with a striking dark mask and the most expressive ears that move up and down when you talk with her. She was shy at first, but quickly realized she loves attention. Baby was mostly basement and crate kept in her young months, and what she wants most in her new life is a safe warm home where she can grow healthy and strong. She has become an affectionate young lady and has been playful and respectful of the canine friends she has made.

Callie was hit by a car and ended up at Chicago Animal Control. No one reclaimed this very shy girl, and she’s now looking for a patient forever home. Callie is estimated to be no more than a year old, We are not sure what Callie has experienced in her short life, but whatever it was has made her very timid. Her foster mom says she’s very quiet and calm in the house, almost as if she isn’t used to being inside. Callie likes to find a quiet place to tuck away, so her foster mom is keeping her on a leash to encourage her to explore. Outside, Callie seems to perk up more! She loves to run with her foster mom and can go for miles without a break. Callie is housebroken and crate trained. She needs to build confidence and work on eye contact with her handler. Callie has no issues with new people or visitors in the home. She doesn’t take treats directly from her foster mom, but will eagerly take them if you put them down for her and walk away! Callie hasn’t shown a playful side yet and we doubt she understands what a toy is. Callie is scared of other dogs on walks, and does her best to avoid them. She’d likely do best with a confident companion that may be able to help her come out of her shell. Her adoptive family will need to understand it will take time, but that she will be a wonderful companion given the right opportunity to prove herself.

Make Shelby your Valentine. Shelby is a kind, gentle and friendly 3 to 4 year old spayed female with impeccable house manners. Shelby has a flashy coat, covering an 83 pound curvy body! This girl loves her ball and carries it with her everywhere. We’ve actually found her snoozing with the ball in her mouth! Shelby likes to go on walkabouts and car rides. She’s a silent passenger in the car. Shelby is being fostered in a home with three large breed male dogs and one dog savvy cat that is armed and dangerous with claws. Shelby is kind to the kitty and will leave the kitty alone when told to do so, but note there are three other dogs in the home to distract from kitty. Shelby would enjoy a home with another male dog similar in age and activity level. Her guy needs to be well socialized with other dogs and have no interest in being the boss. That’s what girls are for! Shelby’s heart was shattered while she sat at animal control for 15 days as an unclaimed stray. This loss and sudden lifestyle change has left Shelby confused and uncertain, with body sensitivities that may or may not have been from a previous life. Since we do not have any history on Shelby, she will be placed in an adult home (no children under 16 years old) with large breed experience. While Shelby has good house manners in general, her new family is required to complete a Basic Obedience course that utilizes positive reinforcement methods to build a solid relationship and teach Shelby commands like down, stay, attention, etc. If you make training the fun game it should be, Shelby will be Top of the Class! Only homes with a (visible/above ground) fenced in yard need apply. Please complete and tell us why Shelby is your Valentine!

Meet Reagan! This beautiful girl ended up at Chicago Animal Control when a caring citizen found her at a park with her collar and Leash, but no tags. Reagan had a rough start when she came into rescue and became very sick with pneumonia. After 2 months she has made a full recovery and is now ready for her forever home! Reagan is about 5-6 years old, which is the perfect age in our opinion! She is good with other large size dogs, but we don’t think she’s be a good match with small dogs or cats. She is a super friendly girl that’s never met a stranger, however she can be startled by sudden movements, therefore she will not be placed in a home with small children. Reagan LOVES her chew toys, especially her squeaky panda and orange chew. She knows basic commands and is working on her leash manners. Reagan came into rescue a little over weight, but is now a nice size at about 75 pounds. She is housebroken and will even wake you up if she has to potty overnight. If you’re looking for a companion that enjoys hanging out, going for walks, or a combination of the two, then look no further!

Giselle was found as a stray very underweight and scared. This sweet girl has been in foster care for about a month and has really come out of her shell! Giselle is about 1-2 years old. We noticed her one hip seemed off, so we had her x-rayed. It turns out that Giselle already had FHO surgery on both hips! In all our years of rescue we have never seen this, nor has our vet. The good news is Giselle’s surgery was successful and she has no complications! Giselle is a little timid, but no aggression whatsoever. She absolutely loves playing with her foster brother. Giselle is crate trained though sometimes she protests it by barking. She is being fostered in the city, but ideally would have quieter surroundings as many of the city noises are stressful to her. Giselle is a quick learner and overall a quiet girl. She will make a lovely companion for a lucky home!