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If you are interested in one of our wonderful rescue German Shepherd Dogs, please review the information provided on our Adopt page and complete an Application.

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Roman is a sweet senior boy that was found as an abandoned dog. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control on Christmas Day and is looking for a forever home!

Roman is a very affectionate boy. He will nudge you for pets and loves his back scratched. He is good on leash, rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained.

Roman is selective with other dogs. He is ok with calm, submissive dogs but wouldn’t mind a home where he was the only dog to be spoiled. He was great meeting a cat used to large dogs.

Roman has a great personality and still has his bursts of energy, but mostly just wants to relax with his person. He is an amazing boy that deserves a loving home in his golden years!

Riley is 2 years old and was given up by her former family because they said there were too many dogs in the house. She was surrendered to the shelter with her brother who she was very attached to. He was adopted separately, and since has been learning to find her independence.

Riley went through a few foster homes because she has a lot of energy and didn’t handle meeting lots of new people very well. Her current foster family says she needs a home with GSD experience and a fenced in yard, preferably a privacy fence. She thrives on structure, guidance and a routine. Riley is a really amazing dog when she is given direction, like many GSDs.

She likes to play with other dogs and would love an active brother to play with. She has two foster brothers now that she really loves! She’s been around cats her whole life and young children, though she’d do best with older children in her forever home so they can be consistent with her training as well.

Riley is crate trained, knows commands like sit, down, heel and the place command (though sometimes Riley forgets what place means). Riley has been working on her leash obedience as well and has been doing great.

Riley’s current foster family is open to meeting with potential adopters and working some training sessions so you can better understand how she learns. It will take some time for Riley to warm up to a new family because it’s scary when for a dog that’s lost their home and never experienced much outside of it.

Riley loves to go for walks, play fetch, and she’s food motivated! She would make a wonderful companion for someone looking for an active dog.

Boss was rescued from Chicago Animal Control after being surrendered when his owner could no longer care for him. He is 4 years old, weighs 75 pounds, and has the best ears ever! Boss is currently being fostered with our friends at Bark University in Mundelein IL. He is a happy, energetic boy looking for a GSD experienced home. Boss loves to play fetch and always likes to have a tennis ball within paws reach. He is good with most other dogs and currently attends play group. Boss does great with children ages 10 and up. He knows basic commands and is working on his leash manners as well as crate training. Boss’s ideal forever home would have a fenced yard and someone willing to continue training with him. He is an active guy and definitely not a couch potato! He is not used to being left alone long hours, and would need a home with someone home often or require daycare. Boss is very affectionate and is described as a “Velcro shepherd.” He is a volunteer favorite and is great with everyone he meets. Boss is not cat friendly, so no feline friends in his forever home.

Ayla was found as a stray in Chicago by a caring citizen who brought her to Chicago Animal Control. She was found with an injury to her head and X-rays revealed her skull was fractured. She has been in a foster home and has made a full recovery! Ayla is estimated to be about 12 months old. She is a sweet, friendly girl that loves to play with soccer balls! Ayla gets along well with other dogs and is being fostered with two male German Shepherds. She is very smart and food motivated. Ayla’s foster mom has worked on basic commands with her as well as crate training. Her foster mom reports that she is very smart! Ayla would make a great obedience or agility partner. She does have high prey drive so likely would do best in a home without small children or animals. Ayla is your typical pup with lots of energy. She would love a forever home with a big fenced yard so she can play! Ayla’s adoptive family should plan to take her to positive reinforcement training classes.

Drake is a 6 -7 year old 111 lb. male who was relinquished to Animal control by his owner after living outdoors for 3 years. He is a very sweet, gentle soul who loves being in his new foster home and enjoys all of the comforts of indoor living! He does well with calm dogs and loves all people and kids over 10. He does not do well cats. Drake's foster Dad is working on his manners using positive reinforcement and he excels daily! He loves going for long walks around the neighborhood and exploring his environment.

Rookie, our sweet old man, is looking for his forever home. Rookie must have had a family that cared about him very much at one point. He knows all his basic commands, is 100% crate and potty trained, never jumps on furniture or people, and is quite simple a perfect gentleman when it comes to manners. We aren’t sure how he ended up as a stray a few months ago but he’s been an absolute pleasure to have around since he has been in our care. Rookie lives with a male and female Pittie, a 5lb Chihuahua, and even a cat! He coexists wonderfully and while he is dog friendly, he just really prefers being by his humans (which is extremely typical of our beloved shepherds). Rookie does get fed in his crate and enjoys his kibble supplemented with raw and freeze dried, as well as some veggies and eggs! When he is out with his dog companions, he shares toys with no problems and does not guard anything. His favorite toy is a giant rope ball that he loves to roll around in the grass with. He lets his foster mom clean his eyes every day and about once a week he gets his ears cleaned and is so compliant. He gets a little fidgety with his nails (who can blame him) but eventually he’ll stand nicely and let the job get done! He also is a champ about bath time and seems to enjoy being scrubbed. Rookie is great on leash and on walks, as well as in the car. He’s an awesome companion for daily life as he’s happy as a clam to just be with you. His age (which we believe is about 9) doesn’t slow him down at all. He likes to get zoomies around the yard and the only way you can tell he’s a senior is by the few gray hairs on his muzzle. Rookie has a clean bill of health! He does have an old ankle injury that doesn’t seem to bother him too much but other than that, he’s in perfect shape. His foster mom does give him joint support and probiotics every day but hey, that’s great for any dog! Email us if our dude Rookie caught your eye. His foster mom is in no rush at all to find him his forever home but we know his forever family is out there waiting to meet him!

Nari is a typical puppy, she loves squeaky toys and will chase a ball for hours. She is as sweet as can be and will happily plop into your lap if you sit on the floor. She is quick to warm up to new people and dogs. She is a snuggle bug and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is an absolute baby but loves to play and would love a companion in her forever home. Especially a younger dog, or a more seasoned housemate who is able to keep up with this little tornado. She still has some puppy tendencies like play biting and barking so she would do well with older children. Nari is still working on her potty training and should be monitored outside because she can be a digger when she gets bored.

Stryker is a 4 year old GSD who has spent long hours crated and evidently not fed properly. He weighs just 60 lbs. Despite this he is a very happy dog and is housebroken; good with kids and large dogs. He hasn’t lived with cats but did ignore them in another home. The day we met him he was happy to be able to run and chase a ball as well as roll in the grass.

Juno ended up at Chicago animal control as a stray but was never reclaimed. She is just under a year old and is all puppy! Juno loves to play fetch with her ball and play with her toys. She is working on house training in her foster home and does well in a crate. Juno can be mouthy and jumpy, so she’d do best in a home with older children. Juno is a smart girl and quick learner. She seems ok with other dogs as long as they are friendly to her. Juno has not been cat tested. Her adoptive family will need to continue training with her and provide lots of exercise that a GSD pup needs!