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Boss is a well-behaved, loving, protective, 75-lb, 4-yr old male Shepherd. He is house-trained and great around children ages 9 and older - we do not know what he is like with younger kids. Boss was surrendered to Chicago Animal Control when his family could no longer care for him. He previously lived with a Maltese and a German Shepherd. Boss is not good with cats. He is very friendly towards new people - he was a Boss with a huge Thanksgiving crowd! Right now, he needs a family with someone home frequently as he’s experiencing some separation anxiety from all the changes. His foster mom suspects he will be better at being left alone as he gets more comfortable in his forever home. He is not a fan of his crate, but has been able to be left alone a few hours without issue. He yearns to play with other dogs, but because of his humongous size, he often intimidates other dogs because of his playful, over-excitement. Boss's future owner(s) will definitely need to be able to work on socializing him and behaving politely with other dogs - with great power comes great responsibility! When at home, nothing seems to bother Boss. He is calm around loud sounds such as the vacuum, large groups, and general chaos. We see great potential in him: he is very trainable, in two weeks his foster family taught him to 'sit' and 'lay down.' A great future home for Boss would have a fenced yard and a family willing to take Boss to training classes.