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  • Gage


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Gage came to GSR as an old, sweet stray. He wasn’t chipped and of course, no one came looking for him. The volunteers at CACC raved about him and how he’d lean his body into your for some attention. He, like so many others, didn’t deserve the concrete floor or noisy pavilions. Lucky for Gage, his soulful eyes caught the attention of someone who couldn’t let him spend another night in animal control. Gage got his lucky break and was picked up by his foster, headed to a warm bed and quiet place to rest for the first time in weeks. We realized pretty quickly he was shy about using his back legs. He didn’t attempt wood stairs but was fine using the couple steps in and out of the garage for walks and off the back deck so he could access the backyard for potty duty. He did come down with a nasty URI within the first couple days of busting out of the shelter but it took him nearly 6 weeks to fully shake it. With the help of raw & dehydrated food, probiotics, bone broth, and antibiotics, he finally was feeling better and his hacking cough subsided. We were then able to get him to the vet for a full work up and had his hips X-rays. Gage’s X-rays looked great and our vets felt he just had some muscle atrophy. With regular walks and joint support supplements, we’d get him on the route to wellness quickly! We are happy to report he is doing much better and now has a clean bill of health! Here is the best part! Gage currently lives with a male and female Pittie, a Chihuahua, a cat, and a snake. He is SUPER friendly with everyone! No issues whatsoever. He also enjoys meeting new people and loves head scratches the most. His fosters lovingly call him “pancake” because he’ll flop to the floor for extra pets and he won’t move besides maybe nudging you to keep petting him. He is extremely affectionate and loves being with people. He is a calm dog and loves walks and he doesn’t pull on his leash. He is a joy to have outside! He also is pretty quiet and only barks when he hears you prepping his meals but hey- he’s a hungry boy so who can blame him! Dude has a great appetite. He especially loves his raw recreational chews, turkey necks being his favorite. We believe Gage is about 7 years old but he’s so excited to start each day that he certainly isn’t ready for retirement! Gage likely spend most of his life as an outside dog. Sometimes he gets scared with things like stairs, car rides, and handling. These are all things he never experienced before. However since joining his foster family he has learned to gain trust and we know he’ll develop the same with his forever home. Since Gage has never been around young children, we recommend placing him with older children. Gage will be a great addition to just about any family and will being so much love into your home!