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  • Glory


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Glorious Glory is feeling much better after fighting an upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. Now she’s the ROCKSTAR puppy in the house! Glory’s foster home has three large breed male dogs and Glory has each one of them wrapped around her paw – all 36 pounds of her! Glory is small, but mighty, making her as rough and tumble as any 80+ pound German Shepherd. Glory enjoys playing with the big boys and her new home needs another playful (male) buddy similar in size or larger. When Glory is tired of playing, she will quietly gather ALL the doggy toys and have a chew party. She shares her toys nicely with other dogs and humans. When it’s time to retire for the day, Glory turns on the charm and snuggles in bed with her foster family and whatever other dogs are on the bed. (If you do not allow dogs on your furniture, do not apply for Glory. You’ll both be miserable.) Glory is a good little watchdog too. To that end, she can be easily thanked (hushed) and redirected. Glory is house-trained and crate-trained. Given proper introductions and supervision, Glory has proven to be friendly with the kitty in her foster home. Glory needs socialization and confidence building in new situations (outside of the home.) Glory is uncomfortable and shuts-down when outside her element (from lack of experience in the big world.) Patience, positive reinforcement & many short travel excursions will help Glory gain confidence in new and unfamiliar situations. Obedience training classes and a securely fenced yard (visible fence) are a requirement of Glory’s next home. Glory is best suited for an adult only home or a home with dog savvy children 13 years or older. Glory is just a peanut and we believe she will be a smaller female when full grown. (Isn’t she gorgeous?) If you’re up for a rewarding challenge, please complete an adoption application and tell us all the ways you plan on raising and training a German Shepherd puppy.