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  • Rookie


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Rookie, our sweet old man, is looking for his forever home. Rookie must have had a family that cared about him very much at one point. He knows all his basic commands, is 100% crate and potty trained, never jumps on furniture or people, and is quite simple a perfect gentleman when it comes to manners. We aren’t sure how he ended up as a stray a few months ago but he’s been an absolute pleasure to have around since he has been in our care. Rookie lives with a male and female Pittie, a 5lb Chihuahua, and even a cat! He coexists wonderfully and while he is dog friendly, he just really prefers being by his humans (which is extremely typical of our beloved shepherds). Rookie does get fed in his crate and enjoys his kibble supplemented with raw and freeze dried, as well as some veggies and eggs! When he is out with his dog companions, he shares toys with no problems and does not guard anything. His favorite toy is a giant rope ball that he loves to roll around in the grass with. He lets his foster mom clean his eyes every day and about once a week he gets his ears cleaned and is so compliant. He gets a little fidgety with his nails (who can blame him) but eventually he’ll stand nicely and let the job get done! He also is a champ about bath time and seems to enjoy being scrubbed. Rookie is great on leash and on walks, as well as in the car. He’s an awesome companion for daily life as he’s happy as a clam to just be with you. His age (which we believe is about 9) doesn’t slow him down at all. He likes to get zoomies around the yard and the only way you can tell he’s a senior is by the few gray hairs on his muzzle. Rookie has a clean bill of health! He does have an old ankle injury that doesn’t seem to bother him too much but other than that, he’s in perfect shape. His foster mom does give him joint support and probiotics every day but hey, that’s great for any dog! Email us if our dude Rookie caught your eye. His foster mom is in no rush at all to find him his forever home but we know his forever family is out there waiting to meet him!