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  • Sacha and Lyka


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Sacha and Lyka are a beautiful, bonded pair of gorgeous females who are seeking their next home together in the Chicago area! Sacha is 4 and Lyka is 7. These two may just be simply the sweetest, most affectionate pair we've ever met. They love to lay on the couch, lay on the bed, be with you wherever you are. They don't demand attention, they just want to hang out and be loved. They came to us from Doha, Qatar, where their owner kept them on his roof. He cared for them the best he could, and when he realized it wasn't enough, he called a local Doha rescue for help. That rescue reached out to us and sent them to us here. Sacha is house trained and Lyka is working on her skills. Like most GSDs a slow introduction to other dogs is key and we would recommend a home with a laid back male dog or no other dogs. They are currently living with a nice male GSD and have also done well with small dogs they've met. We do not know how they would be with cats, but they are so laid back, dog savvy cats might be ok. They have already experienced Home Depot and PetSmart and handled it like pros! These two aren't the most active dogs you've ever met, but the do like having their people around, so a family who is home a lot would be best.