Talk about a transformation! Aurora joined GSR back in September of 2019. She was brought in as a stray to Chicago Animal Control in awful shape. Aurora was emaciated, had skin infections, ear infections, giardia, mammory tumors, and broken teeth. She went into foster care and then sadly developed  pneumonia, which she battled for weeks. Finally she became better and then went into heat! This poor girl couldn’t catch a break. Aurora’s foster mom Sarah was patient and determined to get her healthy. Once Aurora was able to be spayed she had her mammory tumors removed. We anxiously awaited her biopsy results and were thrilled to find out she did not have cancer. After nearly 4 months, Aurora was finally available for adoption. She needed a quiet adult home and didn’t have a ton of interest since she was listed as needing to be an only dog. Two former adopters saw her listing shortly after losing their beloved Dante from GSR to cancer less than 2 years after adoption. We weren’t exactly sure how Aurora would do since she could be timid and was very attached to her foster mom. Over the weekend Aurora met the  Rodriguez family and impressed all of us! She was a little nervous at first, but was soon taking treats and allowing pets. Victor and Kathy made it official and signed her adoption paperwork! It was a bittersweet moment as Aurora gained a new family but was leaving her foster mom after 5 months. Aurora is settling in great and is having no trouble adjusting. We can’t thank Sarah for all she did for this sweet girl. Fostering is such a selfless act and is what truly saved Aurora’s life! We’re so happy that Victor and Kathy opened their home to another GSD in need, especially another senior. Thank you to all of our donors who helped sponsor Aurora’s medical care and our friends at Roc Solid Obedience for helping her while she was in foster care. It truly took a village. Congrats baby girl – you will never be neglected again!

Before Photos

After Photos