Glory joined GSR back on 4th of July. She was found as a stray and brought into Chicago Animal Control. She went straight to her foster home with our fosters David and Kathleen. This little girl turned out to be very sick, and battled pneumonia for weeks. Poor little Glory was dealing so much at such a young age! She was malnourished and scared of everything. After many weeks she began to improve and became available for adoption. Shana and Curtis applied with GSR after losing their last female shepherd to a heart condition. Glory joined their family as a foster to adopt. She struggled with GI issues and had several set backs. Once little Glory got a clean bill of health, she was officially adopted! Glory has a big brother that she adores and two kitty siblings. This shy puppy girl will have a great life with a family truly dedicated to giving her the life she deserves!

Before Photos

After Photos